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Online Debate Competition – Devision Part 10

  1. Online Debate – English Competition for Senior High School Students

From 19 – 25 October 2018


“Hatred speech in social media can affect on someone’s mental health”


English as an international communication tool has a great influence in all spectrums of our lives throughout the world. It is not limited in government institutions but also in private sectors. English is widely used as an effective language globally. At school, English is just nearly learnt for score for some reasons so that SMA Tarsisius Vireta  promotes the online debate  in accommodating the students’ english competence not only to elicit their opinion, concepts, and argumentations but also to rebutted the argumentations to one another among students to show their ability and care about the society as the motion given.


  1. The participants of the competition are senior high students in Jakarta and Tangerang
  2. The participants must tell his/her identity completely on the provided form.
  3. Online debate participants are only allowed for students who come from schools that also participate on the other competitions of Devision part 10.

Rules and Scores

  1. Each participant must tell his side of being pro or contra by giving his first argumentation into at least 100 words statement.
  2. Each participant must also tell their personal identity on their first comment.
    Example :

    • Full Name : Louis Gilbert
      School : SMA Tarsisius Vireta
      Class : XII MIA 2
      NISN : 018293968103
  3. Before commenting each participant must first register an account using facebook, which could be done at the bottom of this article.
  4. During this competition the participants must use their real names on their facebook profile.
  5. Being consistent in delivering the argumentations and responding to others.
  6. Clear argumentations or opinion with data supporting.
  7. Using meaningful sentences and good grammar.
  8. The argumentations and ideas shall not contain any form of hatred speech, belittling any forms of race, ethnicities, minorities, or religious.
  9. Adjudication of competition is final.

Commenting started on October 19th 2018 after the opening ceremony.